This website is dedicated to the works of Manly P. Hall, a great occult scholar, philosopher and sage,

as a sign of deep respect and gratitude.

23 грудня 2012 р.

Quest for Spiritual Teachers

      We have an interesting subject this morning that comes to our attention frequently. Nearly every male brings a request for an introduction to a reputable religious teacher. People want to know where to go, who to find, what to join and what not to join - these letters come in constantly and also for messages and personal requests. As you probably realize, our organization [Philosophical Research Society] does not carry on that aspect of the situation: we do not endorse and we do not support any particular individuals or groups, and the support for this point - I think we all need to understand rather carefully - in our search for realities we have to depend upon some rules, some patterns of plans, purposes, requirements - and fortunately there are such rules and they are the same in all parts of the world: the teachings of [...], the adepts of Europe - the alchemists, the gnostics - all of these different groups. The esoteric sections in all the cases are the same in principle, and very largely the same in practices, for the simple reason of [...] the sense in medicine: wherever you are, if you have a certain ailment, you have to take the remedy that is indicated. And anyone seeking truth must follow the Path, must follow the ancient, eternal, unchangeable way, because it has to do largely and in fact completely with the individual himself.

2 жовтня 2012 р.

The Spirit of Zen

    Zen has brought beauty and inner peace to the peoples of many Eastern nations. It has inspired great art and gentle customs. It has bestowed the accepting mind and the grateful heart, promoting everywhere graciousness of spirit and courage of conviction. Zen is part of our priceless heritage of wisdom and has survived the centuries because men have founded a vital help in generations of fear and uncertainty. As we now live in the most critical time ever recorded in history, we experience the pressing need for a better and deeper understanding of life.

19 вересня 2012 р.

Turn Off the TV!

    We have a lesson that we might give a lot of thought to these days. There is a great deal of criticism of television programming, but that is not going to be the burden of my discussion this morning. I have something else that seems to me to be infinitely more important and that is that man is no longer simply a "biped without feathers" as Diogenes likened him. Man is a thinking creature, he should not be brought up by a trainer like a dog, he should not be taught only to obey, he should not be fed because he obeys, he should not have a life of luxury, perhaps, because he happens to obey a rich person.

My Philosophy of Life

    A mature philosophy of life originates in a natural thoughtfulness. To live without thinking is to fail in the proper use of the powers and faculties with which we have been endowed. To think without applying our thoughts to the conduct of our affairs is to substitute mere intellectualism for intelligence. It is seldom possible to perfect a personal philosophy without study, through which we become familiar with the deepest and noblest convictions of mankind. We must also call upon daily experience by which we can convince ourselves of the reality and integrity of certain basic principles, ever-present and forever true. Beyond both study and experience are the internal faculties of the soul and these must bestow final certitude upon our convictions. If, therefore, we live simply and wisely, seeking first the improvement of our inner lives, reserving an open heart and mind, we shall be guided and directed according to our needs and understanding.